About the walks


The walks start from Kennington Tube Station, cost £15 per person and last about 1h 30mins.  If you have more than 5 people, the cost will be £10 per person.

We will see some of the houses he lived in, the workhouse where he spent some time as a child and see the place where he developed his comedy walk.

Your guide will be dressed up like Chaplin!

About Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin was born in Kennington, London in 1889 and spent the first 21 years of his life living there.  He was born into and spent his early years in great poverty in one of the poorest areas of London.  

As a teenager he joined a performing group and during a tour of the U.S was spotted performing by a scout for Sennett Studios, they signed him up and the rest is history!  

He went on to star in 81 films mainly during the silent era and playing his 'Little Tramp' character in most of them.

What people are saying


"Very organized. It shows that Robert had prepared and rehearsed every detail. Entertaining and informative at the same time".

"Thanks Rob again for a wonderful guided tour of the places where Charlie Chaplin spent his childhood and telling us about what it was like growing up at that time in London, it was really interesting and I had learned a lot from all the of information you've given us during your tour!"